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Dana Moody Hellwig

Artist Statement:

Buildings tell stories about people, societies, and cultures.  My obsession for architectural studies began at an early age and has formed both my career and my creative endeavors.  I have explored different mediums and styles to translate how my eyes see historic architecture and interiors, including acrylic paintings and marker and pencil renderings on hand-drafted drawings.  Eventually, I discovered that photography has the ability to capture the integrity of architectural details that are often glossed over in paintings and drawings.

My architectural photographs are windows into the past…a glimpse of hopes and dreams…some fulfilled…some not. They, too, tell a story about people, society, and culture.  They feature architectural sculpture and focus on interesting architectural lines. I emphasize and manipulate light and shadow to create depth and contrast. Through my photographs, I want to awaken the viewer’s soul and invite them to be transported to other cultures and times. 

I was fortunate to begin my career working for historic foundations, preserving and recording historic architecture, interiors, and objects. This shifted to academia, as an interior design professor.  As my academic career grew, it was photography that served as a means of creative expression, helping me stay connected to my passion for historic buildings. With the recent creation of a master’s degree focusing on urban revitalization, I see my career coming full-circle.  After two decades in academia, my teaching focus is returning to the preservation of historic buildings and interiors.  My enthusiasm for this return to my roots is inspiring me to shift the focus of my photography from architectural details alone to include the documentation and promotion of historic preservation efforts.